AES Movies

2016-2017 Movies
(Featuring:  Winter Concert, Talent Show)

2015-2016 Movies
(Featuring:  AES Bike Club, Jogathon Success, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Talent Show)

5th Grade Movies
(Featuring many 5th Grade videos from years past)

2014-2015 Movies
(Featuring: Talent Show, Teacher's Dance, Spring and Winter Concerts, and introducing AES Films by Mrs. Miceli)

2013-2014 Movies
(Featuring: Talent Show, Spring Concert, Jog-A-Thon, Winter Concert)

2012-2013 Movies
(Featuring: Thank you Mrs. Noriega, Lunar New Year Parade, Vote for Somebody, Talent Show, Anti-bullying, and many more!)

2011-2012 Movies
(Featuring:  We Will, We are AES, Talent Show, Lunar New Year Parade, Winter Concert, Spring Concert)

2010-2011 Movies
(Featuring:  Famous People, Talent Show, Winter & Spring Concerts)

2009-2010 Movies
(Featuring:  NWEA, Bust It, Game Show, and Teacher's Dance)

2008-2009 Movies
(Featuring:  Favorite Memory, Ocean Night, Teacher's Dance, Spring Concert)

2007-2008 Movies
(Featuring:  TheOriginal Star Test Videos, 1, 2, 3 and 4,  Teacher's Dance, and Talent Show)

2006-2007 Movies
(Featuring:  Teacher's Dance, Spring Concert)