Presenting: Writer's Corner

Dr.Martin Lther King Jr.

  As Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. says
'Don't judge me based on the color of my skin,but by the content of my charecter.Only luandry should be seperated by color.'

Aniya B.

5th grade

Malcom X

  Malcome X was an african american leader and figure in the Nation of Islam. Also Malcome X showed African Americans to be proud of who they are and to fight against racism. He demonstakd the great lengths to which human berings will go to secure their freedom, because of people like Malcome X. We can all be proud of who we are no matter the color of our skin.

Krysten SD.
Asiyah G.
5th Grade

Jackie Robinson

   Jackie Robinson was the first African American ball player to play professional baseball. Because Jackie played, he inspired others to play no matter what color their skin was. When people were against him he fought. And someone fought with him. That someone was Pee Wee Reece. Pee Wee said,"Jackie was more than my teamate, he had a tremendous amount of talent, ability, and dedication. Jackie set a standard for the future generation of ball players. He was a winner. Jackie Robinson was also a man. So the next time you feel like you can't do something because of your color, be like Jackie and stand up for yourself.

Santino A.

Room 45

AES: Together We Shall Stand
A journey we've all taken, hand in hand
We'll fight together till our final stand
A smile we will all give away
A memory that will always stay

Rise or fall, you'll have a friend by your side
For others, we will show our pride
Friendships that will last until forever
We'll progress, all together

Some days we'll cry, some days we'll smile
People are always happy to help, never in denile
Smiles and laughter in the halls
Everyone's cared for, big or small

We are the big, we are the tall
We are the short, we are the small
We are the quiet, we are the loud
We are AES, and we are proud

We will be different forever, but still lasting together

Vivitsaa D.
5th Grade


Sunday is a special day
Sunday is a scooter day

Sunday is a great day
Sunday is a beach day

Sunday is a sunny day
Sunday is a bike day
Sunday is a beautiful day

By Ethan D.
Second Grade